CTE Standards

The Career Technical Education (CTE) Credentialing Program as directed by the California Department of Education provides 15 Industry Sectors for CTE Instructors recognized by the CTC to enter into the teaching profession as a CTE Instructor. Included under each industry sector are the pathway standards and performance indicators which inform instruction.

The industry sector descriptions offered below are provided by the California Department of Education: At the end of each is a matrix which aligns the pathway standards with the Common Core.


  1. Agriculture and Natural Resources (PDF)
  2. Arts, Media, and Entertainment (PDF)
  3. Building and Construction Trades (PDF)
  4. Business and Finance (PDF)
  5. Education, Child Development, and Family Services (PDF)
  6. Energy, Environment, and Utilities (PDF)
  7. Engineering and Architecture (PDF)
  8. Fashion and Interior Design (PDF)
  9. Health Science and Medical Technology (PDF)
  10. Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation (PDF)
  11. Information and Communication Technologies (PDF)
  12. Manufacturing and Product Development (PDF)
  13. Marketing Sales and Service (PDF)
  14. Public Services (PDF)
  15. Transportation (PDF)