Become a Partner

There are many ways that you could become a partner of Valley ROP and/or our instructors.

  • Advisory Committee Members
  • CAROCP professional member
  • Guest speakers
  • Arranging job shadowing, internships, or tours of a facility
  • Community Classroom
  • Cooperative Career Technical Education

Some business people in our communities serve as advisory committee members. These committees help instructors modify or improve their curriculum as well as act as liasons between the community and the programs. They may also serve as resource people and identify potential job demands for students. Others may donate surplus equipment, material, or funds to help support a program.

Community Classroom (work site learning) is an instructional methodology that supplements classroom instruction in a real-time, real-work environment. Students are placed at local businesses, hospitals, schools, and other facilities.

Cooperative Career Technical Education allows students to practice their classroom experience in a paid on-the-job environment. Valley ROP classes offer these opportunities on an individual basis.

If you feel you would be able to benefit the Valley ROP program by becoming an advisory committee member, you may contact the Valley ROP office or teacher from your area.